From the Archives: 9/28/2012 Edition

Reinventing Ethics


The supercomputer that makes the universe


Are we ready for freedom from toil (I sure am!)


An oral history of Cheers


The complicated history of simple scientific facts


The digital fabrication revolution


The end of Danish Kroner Libor



How might Israel strike Iran?


From the Archives: 9/27/2012 Edition

Inside Draghi’s Euro Rescue Plan


Controlling Brains with the flick of a switch


Ex-Amazon Genius joins battle for the future of networking


How fantasy football is destroying our perceptions of NFL athletes (Klosterman)


The Case Against Patents



Trapped in total cinema


The Britishization of American English


Social Media Tops the College Bar Scene    

From the Archives: 9/26/2012 Edition

CNET takes a look at where your iPhone comes from:

Life inside Foxconn

and The Mines where iPhones are born


Six Flags over Lebanon


It’s time to break up the Euro


Broker fined for helping robots rip off robots



A conversation with Randall Munroe, creator of XKCD


The UN: Providing a real time example of how not to lead the world


How a group of farmers came to believe their relatives were rising from the grave


The Brilliant redesign of the soda can tab

From the Archives: 9/25/2012 Edition



Facebook’s plan to find the next billion users


NFL Ref Lockout


High Oil Prices will permanently cap economic growth


Building 30 stories in 15 days


Presidents can’t resist meddling with NASA


Brain cells that compute value


Iran is just waiting for an attack from Israel

From the Archives: 9/24/2012 Edition

Happy Birthday to my sister Katie!!!!!


The danger behind teacher metrics


A profile of J.K Rowling before her new book is published


The Radical Right Wing Roots of OWS


The Environmental Impact of Server Farms


What’s the difference between a Spook and a Spec. Op?


Charlie Pierce takes it to the NFL Refs


The Turbulent future of Chinese Manufacturing


Everyone gets to go to, or at least learn from, Stanford

From the Archives: 9/21/2012 Edition

How Finance Capital leads to Debt Servitude (I’m not sure I believe all this, but it’s nice to see it so well-articulated)


America’s  aging demographic issue


How Google’s algorithm won over the news industry


Rethinking Robert Rubin


People can be tricked into reversing their opinions on morality




How Africa’s most threatening terrorist group lost control on Somalia


23 reasons why a profile of Pete Carroll does not appear in this article (circa 2007)

From the Archives: 9/20/2012 Edition

The Next Panic



The Birth of Bond


Where is Cuba Going?


Half of Morgan Stanley didn’t do as well on the Facebook IPO as the other half


Should we label GMO food?


Trillion Gallon Loophole


Custom Chips for Silicon Valley’s most powerful companies

And the Replicator 2 might be the first 3D printer you own


Can dolphins speak to us