From the Archives: 11/29/2012 Edition

Twilight on the Tundra, a race across 685 miles of snow in Eastern Russia


The Ricky Rubio Experience


#Kony2013: Why the manhunt is taking so long, and how it can be won


British Universities have a lot to learn about philanthropy


The “net-price” myth will not save higher education


The needless tragedy of Student Loan defaults


Europe’s Plan C for Greece is no better than its plan A or B


An interview with Calculated Risks Bill McBride


Everybody is jumping on the Insider Trading bandwagon:


From the Archives: 11/28/2012 Edition

The Internet’s Best Terrible Person goes to Prison


The origins of Lost as told by the people who made it


The Morality of Google’s Driverless Cars


The risky strategy behind China’s Construction Economy


Silicon Valley’s secret Ageism


GE pitches an Industrial Internet


Should we Kill the 401(k)?


A Bullish Case for Growth (a critique of “On the Road to Zero Growth” I had sent out earlier)

From the Archives: 11/27/2012 Edition

More Stuff about the Argentina Bond situation that I’m certain you’re all tired of me sending out



The Great Oil Fallacy:


The ColdScape: Inside Awesome Refrigeration


What is the cost of a penny?


Learning to master a $110,000 arm


Teaching tiny drones to fly themselves


The End of College Football as we know it


Are your Facebook friends stressing you out? (Yes)

From the Archives: 11/26/2012 Edition

Hayek, Friedman, and the Illusions of Conservative Economics


On the Lam in Lebanon: Syria’s Violence Spills over the border


Danny and the Electric Kung Pao Pastrami Test


Of Vulture Funds and Justice


Early Push for Sales Undercuts Black Friday


The Wireless Spectrum Crunch that never really was


The Truce on Drugs


After the Fat Lady Sings

From the Archives: 11/23/2012 edition

The hard life of an NFL longshot


How to get startup ideas


Argentina Beset by Pirates, Snakes



A profile of Elon Musk


What Sinofskys Departure suggests about the current state, future of Microsoft


Is it possible to build a jetpack out of machine guns?


Who’s really to blame for the Wal-Mart Strikes


That other war in the Congo that you totally missed

From the Archives: 11/21/2012 Edition

On the Road to Zero Growth (Page 2-17)


What Mark Cuban really thinks about Facebook


An interview with Ryan Crocker, the diplomats diplomat


Cold War Tech, How Tech Superpowers could start an ecosystem war


Hamas’ Miscalculation


HP in trouble, Autonomy’s bankers were a little too good at their jobs


Stallman on Software Patents: “Just Ban Them”


Why are the Knicks doing better


Which Bond Villain’s Plan would actually work?

From the Archives: 11/20/2012 Edition

How I learned to stop worrying and love volatility


Making Cents in today’s broken music business model


The Markovian Parallax Denigrate Spam Mystery


3D printing firearms


How brewery consolidation will change the way America drinks


Israel’s Gamble in Gaza


Banks do some of their best work when they’re spending other people’s money


How to Live without Irony (hint: you can’t)

The Response


This Week In “Things you thought were safe but actually aren’t”: Oil Pipelines Edition


The Big, Dumb, Greedy Ten


The Science of Mo’vember


If they only had a plan: Europeans talk tough on the Middle East