From the Archives: 2/27/2013 Edition

Was Mancur Olson Wrong?


The End of the Web, Computers, and search as we know it


The no brainer immigrant entrepreneur visa


In the footsteps of a killer: A crime writer digs into the decades-long investigation of a serial killer in California, and finds a growing online community of amateur sleuths trying to solve the case


Journalistic Standards in the reporting of the Te’o hoax: Q&A with Tommy Craggs


How long would it take to run out of tweets


How to protect intellectual property (we probably have to do this…which makes me a terrible hypocrite)


The Real Story of Stuxnet, the virus that took down an Iranian plant


From the Archives: 2/26/2013 Edition

“Let me be blunt. The Italian election result is a triumph for fantasy and irresponsibility”


The Pope and the spy who loved him


The Shape of History


The top 50 companies hedge funds are shorting


Mindful of Bubbles in a boom for M and A


Shaking up psychology economics


3D Printing Copyright Questions


Will Programmers rule the world?

From the Archives: 2/25/2013 Edition

Hacking the papal election


A brief history of the Chinese growth model


Mad Max: A profile of the kid who stole Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini and used it in a drive-by


How to make a drone kill list


Transatlantic trade and investment



The 5 types of players with the most at stake in the NFL combine


Healthcare costs




Getting drunk in Colonial America

From the Archives: 2/22/2013 Edition

The New Essayists


Does Language shape thought?


Bitcoin Securities


Meet the world’s top NBA Gambler


Nate Silvers Oscar Predictions


The future of Mobile CPU’s Part Deux


That’s not a droid, that’s my girlfriend


Why should Taxpayers give big banks 83 billion dollars per year, or any other made-up  number?

From the Archives: 2/21/2013 Edition

Why medical bills are killing us


When to sell your company


Friends in low places, where the real lobbying happens


How Groupon is losing $1,117,808 dollars a day (oddly specific)


Miami Heist: The Brink’s Money Plane Job’s Messy Aftermath


Content Economics Part 1: Advertising


The 3-D printer may be the home appliance of the future (I haven’t talked about 3D printing in a hot minute!)


The confused persons guide to the sequester

From the Archives: 2/20/2013 Edition

Who will win the Oscars and why?


Clayton Christensen (author of The Innovator’s Dilemma) wants to transform Capitalism: An Interview


The State of Food TV


America‘s Baby Bust


Some thoughts about email


Reinventing A Scotch Distillery


50 disruptive companies of 2013


Is Marco Rubio Electable?

From the Archives: 2/19/2013 Edition

Exposing one of Chinas Cyberunits (long PDF)


China, Technology, and the US middle class


Dissent is the health of democracy


The Prison Problem


Where does Greece Stand Right now?



The history of the car cup holder


The Defense Dividend: How much is Pax Americana actually worth?


An interview with the pintrest guy