From the Archives: 2/11/2013 Edition

The implications (for Hollywood, viewers, TV Networks, everybody) of Netflix new House of Cards series

Is big data coming to Hollywood?

and the rebuttal

If TV is digested in one long binge, is it even TV anymore?

could Netflix programming strategy kill the golden age of TV?,92230/


Kuwait considers a plan for $6bn consumer debt write off


How and Why the GOP became the party for White People


The Double Agent who Infiltrated Al Qaeda


The Tyranny of Political Economy


How Facebook prepares for the worst


David Einhorn and Henry Blodget square off over the theoretical value of money

the original article


How the next Pope will be chosen (from 2004) (am I wrong, or is there definitely a scandal somewhere in all this?)


Some interesting commentary on Political Failure (in the UK, but the general gist holds true for the US as well)

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