From the Archives: 3/29/2013 Edition

How the last king of Rwanda ended up living on public assistance in Virginia


The perfect life of Hugh Hefner


The Business of Literature


Portugal, 12 years after decriminalizing drugs


Interview with Athanasios Orphanides, governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus 2007-2012


Why so many jobs are crappy (warning: math heavy)


The Evolution of King James


The History of GI Joe


From the Archives: 3/28/2013 Edition

Spitballing Indy: How to make a Hollywood Blockbuster


A drone in every garage! (A chicken in every pot!)


Inside the plot to kill Justin Bieber


Regulatory Moneyball: What Washington can learn from Baseball 


IPO Man, the man who sold himself to investors at $1 a share


Let it Bleed: The Great Depression Redux 😦–bradford-delong


The rise of the (Dallas) Mavericks


How Samsung Became the worlds number one smartphone maker

From the Archives: 3/27/2013 Edition

Apologies for the lateness. It’s the man, keeping me down. 


Will the Chinese be supreme? 


Gay Marriage Hits the Supreme Court


Carl Ichan Unleashed 


How the Science of Swarms can help us fight cancer and predict the future


The Passion of Lew Wallace: How a Disgraced Civil War General became a great novelist


Dude, you’re getting a buyout



What’s going on in Iraq (he wondered out loud, to no one in particular)


Crowdfunding Cancer Research

From the Archives: 3/26/2013 Edition

The Dijsselbloem Principle: Let ‘em fail



The real Mongolian BBQ


The Centroid


A brief history of the Economics of Spring Break


Is the future of TV VOD on Cell Networks? (hint: probably not)


What are foundations good for?


The makers of TurboTax fought free, simple filing


Tracking the epidemic of smalltown corruption that has crippled Spain

From the Archives: 3/25/2013 Edition

I’m Back. After a week off for SXSW (and then another week off to recover from SXSW) I’m back and better than ever. As always you can find previous day’s links at the (new and improved)


Cyprus: The Operation Was a Success, Shame the Patient Died

and Choose your Own Adventure for Cyprus


Unifit for work: The startling rise of Disability in America


European Soccer’s Master of Match Fixing


The Trouble behind Today


Trouble in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: The dash for gas


Nate Silver breaks down the sweet 16


On Technology and free will


How I became a password cracker

From the Archives: 3/11/2013 Edition

How Filibusters Work, and why they are so rare


Quantifying the Economic benefits of the internet


Don’t. Talk. To. Newspapers


A discussion about Evgeny Morozov’s “To Save Everything, Click Here”


Growing up in Juarez


The blind man making the world’s best glacial vodka


Rigging the IPO game




The Putin Doctrine

From the Archives: 3/8/2013 Edition

Violence Plagues Guinea Bissau


Pixar Scientist explains how math makes movies


The Vanity fair article on Herbalife, Ackman, and Ichan that you’ve obviously been waiting for


The Professor, the bikini model, and a suitcase full of trouble


The US will never, ever turn into Greece. Probably.


Africa’s Richest Man is just getting started

The inside story of how 382 recruiters pursued an imaginary engineer


Hong Kongs Hollow Leadership