From the Archives: 4/23/2013 Edition

Sympathy for the Dijsselbloem OR Why hasn’t there been bank runs in the Eurozone?

….I can’t believe I’m linking to Krugman

The Eternal Mainframe: From time-sharing on mainframes full circle to….time-sharing on mainframes

The Most Famous Pirate of the Great Lakes

How the US built its super secret spy satellite program

An elderly crisis and a youth crisis, South Korea has it all!

Intelligence Lessons from the Boston Attack

Maybe you’d be interested in learning more about Myanmar (or, you know…maybe not)

From the Archives: 4/22/2013 Edition

Inside the Investigation of the Boston Marathon Bomber


The big science of building a big telescope 

Life in the city of darkness: Inside the former enclave of Kowloon

Unearthing the complete and total disaster that was The Chevy Chase Show

The rise and fall of AMD

The risk profile of Chinese Shadow Banking

Scoring the Reinhart Rogoff debate


From the Archives: 4/19/2013 Edition

For Samantha, who needs more content: 

John Le Carre has not mellowed with age

Inside the big business of EVE Online

When our kids own America

Palestine after Fayyad

The business of blowing people up (pretty good, although I’m not sure the conclusion is all that compelling)

This is a modern manhunt

Why would ANYONE want to run for congress?

Famed Patent Troll may get whats coming to them

From the Archives: 4/18/2013 Edition

Coming in just under the wire for the CST folks
A “Whom Do You Hang With” Map of America

The Business of Phish

The most dangerous spy you’ve never heard of (maybe…probably not)

Apple’s cash flow problem

A short history of punctuation

TV’s death by Mandoline

From the Archives: 4/16/2013 Edition

Cracking the Voynich Code

J.Crew is a Cult Brand (whatever that means)

What happened to living in space (Where’s my jetpack!)

How to make millions off Obama

Another fun installment of NPR’s Ask A Banker

What’s the deal with fracking?

Let’s save network television (he said, surprisingly unironically)

6 theories about why gold plummeted (are you shocked to find Bitcoin, the culprit du jour, on this list?) 

From the Archives: 4/15/2013 Edition

Happy Tax Day. 

GLD: The Fear Bubble Bursts

Getting Drunk with Shane Carruth

A new era in the search for life on Mars

Bruce Sterlings closing SXSW address

Reflections on Google Glass

Kiribati: A nation going under (water)

Something Something Euro Failure something something (I don’t even know why I still read it)

What the shit is Kim Jung Un Doing?!

10 hours playing Dwarf Fortress (not my idea of a good time)

From the Archives: 4/11/2013 Edition

A Beginners guide to Immortality

Prosperity requires more than rule of law

Who killed the deep space climate observatory (my guess? the man.)

Roger Ebert Interviews Lee Marvin (1970)

David Foster Wallace’s Tax Class (2012, I don’t know how I missed it)

Cyprus: of course it’s a template! (MOAR Morski)

Giving your love life to Google Glass and the hivemind

Who’s destroying authors? Apparently Amazon, Google, Libraries, the Supreme Court….everybody