From the Archives: 10/29/2013 Edition

How Texas lost the Supercollider


How we filed, an early history of paperwork


The man who finds the tax-cheats


Greenland’s rare earth gold rush


The myth of being bad at math


The hooch farmers of Templeton


Why Apple wants to bust your Iphone


The mysterious history of the Ouija Board


From the Archives: 10/28/2013 Edition

The man making Ireland a tax avoidance hub


Amazon and the profitless business model


Ars Technica reviews the model S


Too big to sail


The man who would teach machines to think


Safecracking the brain


Lost world discovered in Australia


The Fed: Clean up the last crisis, or prevent a new one?

From the Archives: 10/25/2013 Edition

No easy fix for Europe’s asylum policy


Bank born out of black death struggles to survive


Why isn’t The Magazine free with ads: A look at advertising economics


A tale of two drugs (I knew MIT’s Technology Review would get consistently awesome eventually)


An interview with Jon Franzen

and in the same vein, here is 30 free David Foster Wallace Essays (they’re all great if you have a ton of time, if not I recommend E Unibus Pluram: Television and US Fiction and The Weasel, Twelve Monkeys And The Shrub)


How the Cardinals became baseball’s model franchise


Carl Icahn’s in the news just screwing with stuff, as per ushe



Can JP Morgan settle the entire financial crisis?

From the Archives: 10/24/2013 Edition

5 ways to fix NBC


An argument over the future of higher education


How do you make written irony understandable?


The whitest black college in America


The life and death of NBA player Bison Dele


Could this bill end patent trolling?


What is Amazon doing?!


Taper, taper, taper


From the Archives: 10/23/2013 Edition

Where is Jim Rogers Investing?


The Real Privacy Problem: “Privacy belongs in the domain of politics, not technology”


An Interview with Mitch Hurwitz, Creator of “Arrested Development”


Confessions of a drone warrior


How to build a happier brain


Did Apple just kill the paid OS?


The only thing Amazon is missing is profits


An oral history of the 1989 World Series that was rocked by an earthquake

and 5 things to know about this World Series

From the Archives: 10/22/2013 Edition

A conversation with the new king of trash publishing


Trade-offs in cyber security×13.txt


New York’s Hidden Homeless


The Decline of Wikipedia


Inside 23andMe’s DNA Revolution


4 things we know about how civil wars end


Maddow (the best page in the universe) hates Buzzfeed


Now you can make terrible investments in Pro Athletes!



The inside story on the 4-billion dollar super quiet jet

From the Archives: 10/16/2013 Edition

The end of “Go West Young Man”


The myth of US Energy Dependence


20 minutes at Rucker Park


The plans to blow up incoming asteroids with nukes


A better world is here: We made it!


Is this default thing over yet?


Meet the company behind

and Open Source Everything: The moral hazard behind


Cleaning up Pittsburgh