From the Archives: 11/21/2013 Edition

Aztec political thought


Ars Technica takes the PS4 and Xbox One head-to-head and the gulf between planning and reality


Manny Pacquiao may be broke, but is he broken, too?


Why does it cost $18 to make a phone call from prison


What happens when Big Data meets human resources


How Friends decided to pair off Monica and Chandler


Our nuclear waste is a goldmine


From the Archives: 11/20/2013 Edition

How man-in-the-middle internet attacks work


Blame rich, overeducated elites as society frays (“the first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”)


The Nashville Sound: The story of a doomed minor league park


How many of your memories are fake?


Can you value young companies?


The search for the lost Marines of Tarawa


Imagining the post antibiotic future


Inside Valves plan to revolutionize video games

From the Archives: 11/19/2013 Edition

The high cost of the Pentagon’s bad bookkeeping (2 parts, the first one is also worth reading if you haven’t seen it yet)


What it’s like to fail


The one man intelligence unit that exposed the Syrian war


The IPO of you


Digital goods and services are screwing with economic data


The sporting life of Elliot Gould


Stephan Wolfram says Stephan Wolfram has created something pretty epic


Turns out we may NEED bubbles to function

From the Archives: 11/18/2013 Edition

Accounting for the great divergence


Amazon and Apple


Deep Play


The self-driving car is here


An interview with Art Spiegelman


The dark side of your guacamole


How the feds took down the silk road


Why Rob Ford Happened

From the Archives: 11/15/2013 Edition

G4S: The Inside Story of the private contracting firm


Brief Interviews with very small publishers


From Eastern Europe to the East End


Should you let your kid play football?


An interview with Allie Brosh (Of Hyperbole and a Half Fame!)


Viral journalism and the Valley of Ambiguity

and Pageviews Above Replacement

and Felix’s Summary


Why Silicon Valley funds Instagrams, not Hyperloops


The Vatican’s secret life

From the Archives: 11/14/2013 Edition

Why aren’t more bankers in prison (an interesting discussion about rule based vs principle based regulation)


Apparently there is an insanely interesting chess match happening in India right now


Creationists last stand at the Board of Education


The rebirth of Rick Rubin


Snapchat and the great Facebook unbundling (I would have taken the 3 billion…)


The pirate negotiator


How to waste time properly


The economics of infomercials

From the Archives: 11/13/2013

Inside the Sam Hurd drug bust


The original NSA whistleblower looks back


Fall of the house of Moon


Opening windows with the internet (prescient!)


The most senseless environmental crime of the 20th Century


Everything you need to know about stock market crashes


Will it be A.Rod or Bud Selig who is the face of the steroid era?


The government’s human price scanners