From the Archives: 12/05/2013 Edition

Day 5: My kid’s insane Christmas wish list (annotated)


An oral history of Blackberry


23 and You (Does that commercial DNA test you just bought violate somebody else’s privacy?)


In defense of snark


The business of ghostwriting


Is growth getting harder? And what can we do about it?


LeBron James breaks down the NBA’s most highly evolved offense


The untold story of America’s mass killings


From the Archives: 12/04/2013 Edition

Day 4: What’s the best Christmas album of 2013?


Why you can’t build a smartphone


The four rules for writing about art auctions


Welcome to the memory hole


The Death Dealer


Wrestling with Andy Kaufman


Obama’s Speech to THEARC on the economy


Pixar v. Disney

From the Archives: 12/03/2013 Edition

Day 3: 20 things you didn’t know about Home Alone


The death of Capital STEEZ


Central banks and property bubbles


Die, Selfish Gene, Die


Detroit eligible for chapter 9 bankruptcy


On Blockbusters and Megahits


Eminem’s bizarre College Football cameo


The business bandwidth boom

From the Archives: 12/02/2013 Edition

Maybe I’ll do a 25 days of Christmas/End of Year theme….


Day 2: Best Photos of 2013 (fair warning, some of these are pretty tough)


Chasing A-Rod


Saab is back!

Top Gear’s Saab tribute (video)


The fall (and rise?) of Yahoo


Stephen Wolfram’s new….thing


The Big Sleep


Planet Money makes a t-shirt (a look at the global supply chain)


Ground Control (what happens when drones are everywhere?)

and a drone delivery expert answers questions about Amazon Prime Air

From the Archives: 11/27/2013 Edition

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


The story of the first Thanksgiving


Decoding the Summer of Snowden


What does your ISP say about you? (Quite a bit actually)


Silicon Chasm


How to mess with stats


Bill Simmons Thanksgiving mailbag


The problem of Infinity


The worlds real most interesting man dies at 89

From the Archives: 11/26/2013 Edition

The 25 least influential people of 2013


Intel wants everyone to be a chip maker


A letter to the FDA in favor of Gene Testing


This is the man Bill Gates thinks you should be reading


Adventures as a mortuary assistant


Should we bail out cities?


Why are prison riots down when prison populations are WAY up?


The government dominated bond market


How the Food Network created, and lost, foodies

From the Archives: 11/25/2013 Edition

Apologies for the delay, remember when I am lazy (which is like, not that uncommon an occurrence) you can always see older links at

How money moves


Inside the mind of Marc Andreesen


How ESPN trains athletes to be broadcasters


The Surge: Eradicating Polio in Afghanistan


Drowning Kiribati


The internet mystery that has the world baffled


Banks should focus on making money


The API wars are coming