From the Archives: 4/10/2014 Edition

The life and times of Kiss


What’s wrong with sentimentality?


Looking for Tom Lehrer


Bill Gross picks up the pieces


Is there a wonk bubble?



Quantum computing explained


Paul Krugman reviews Piketty


Stephen Colbert to take over for Letterman


From the Archives: 4/08/2014 Edition

The Recovery Puzzle: Matching Job Seekers to Jobs


The short guide to capital in the 21st century


How to fight televisions cultural amnesia

and how to watch TV smarter


The history of the space gun


The changing strategy of US AID


A profile (?) of Karl Ove Knausgaard


The state of modern musical criticism


Font War: Inside the Design World’s $20 million dollar divorce

From the Archives: 4/07/2014 Edition

Crossing Chris Christie


Can you read seriously online? (I dunno, you tell me)


The Philosophy of Mathematics


An oral history of Heathers (weird)


What would it take to start a new ISP?


Fixing the NBA playoffs and other Bill Simmons Email


The spectacular failure of the startup that was going to change the world


The business of disease

From the Archives: 4/04/2014 Edition

Hire an Ex-Slacker today (I’m available to all interested parties! )


Just some more HFT stuff, since that’s a thing in the news

oh and Mark Cuban has something to say too, because of course he does


A Hertzsprung-Russell diagram of rap beefs


Alan Sepinwall’s Mega Dan Harmon Interview Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


The brains behind Marvel’s movie success


Why the world bank withheld aid to Uganda


Can free college save American cities?


Facebook’s filtered feed problem

From The Archives: 4/3/2014

Friday Night Darkness: Football safety and small town Arkansas


A wonderful review of Arianna Huffington’s new book


In defense of the paparazzi


The new face of heroin


Murder in Uganda

and Uganda: The General challenges the Dictator


Crimea and national honor


It’s not possible to regulate robots


The busy trap

From the Archives: 4/2/2014 Edition

Haverford Hoops: The story of a very bad basketball team


High Frequency Trading might be too efficient


The Story of Cortana: The Siri Killer


Hands on with the Amazon Fire set-top box


A Revolution in money

and a response



The United States of Bros


Heaven’s Gate: The Silicon Valley of suicide cults


So you think you’re smarter than a CIA agent

From the Archives: 4/01/2014 Edition

The Certainty of Donald Rumsfeld (4 part series)


Do profit margins mean-revert?


Can Coal ever be clean?



The Northwestern Decision Explained (or why the NCAA has always been a bunch of hypocritical a**holes)


Pipe Dreams: The energy rush that could change America forever


Can the U.S still confront autocrats?


How Gmail happened (the greatest April Fools prank of all time)


Life as a humanistic discipline