From the Archives: 5/30/2014 Edition

Portrait of a consummate con man


The beauty in a brute force attack


An astonishing record of complete failure


Who killed Lois Duncan’s (author of I know what you did last summer) Daughter


How to dig up a landfill: The search for E.T

and the perfect arcade will cost everything you love


Who’s ready to be a cyborg? (me! me!)


What the 2 billion (!) dollar Clipper sale means for the NBA


Big Money, the Koch brothers, and Me (I don’t know if I buy this narrative)


From the Archives: 5/29/2014 Edition

The man hired to make sure the Snowden documents aren’t hacked


Machines vs. Lawyers


Square (payments company) breaks into the loan business


Life in the Valley of Death


Inequality ideas are all the rage (more piketty)


Inside the shadowy world of high speed tennis betting


Sitcoms are being strangled by lack of conflict


The psychology of Soylent and the prison of food choices


A map of the solar system where the moon is a single pixel large (warning, lots of scrolling)

From the Archives: 5/28/2014 Edition

Monica Lewinsky’s Vanity Fair profile


An interview with Maya Angelou


Privacy vs. Gov’t surveillance: Where network effects meet public choice (warning: PDF)


The complex quest to take out our orbital trash


Mary Meeker’s 2014 internet trends report (Full Deck)


Here are pictures of all the stuff Google makes (much more hardware then you would’ve thought)


A profile of Mariano Rivera III


Is it still insider trading if you’re an idiot?

From the Archives: 5/27/2014 Edition

Extra stuffed holiday edition


Darwin and the evolution of cryptocurrency


Waiting for exile from Cuba


In defense of schlock music (you call it schlock, I call it awesome)


50 cent is my life coach


How Citibike is like ecuador (I swear it makes sense)


The dream team of the World Cup


Peak PC. Intel Fork

and Microsoft’s most clever critic is building it’s new emipre


Publishers deal with the devil


Europe’s center crumbles

and why is Europe so angry?


How DARPA’s augmented reality system works


Joseph Schumpeter; Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy


The secret life of a country club caddy

From the Archives: 5/23/2014 Edition

The trouble with IBM


Ta-Nehisi Coates explains how he came to support reparations (lets be honest, you aren’t going to read anything much better than that cover story this week) 


The family that robs together, stays together


Is it time to kill the Microsoft Surface?


Bill Simmons NBA mailbag


The future of money-like things


The Iceman Cometh: The man who climbed Everest in shorts wants to teach you how


Mario Draghi’s Faustian bargain


Russia and China’s pipedream alliance

From the Archives: 5/22/2014 Edition

The case for reparations


The only time I’ve been to Connecticut: The worst informational interview ever


Pakistan, worse then we knew


The truth about Chicago’s crime rates, Part 2


Will you hire someone to do your grocery shopping for you? (yes, please)

and Let’s demolish laundry! (yay for not doing boring things!)


Bill Gates on Jeffery Sachs and the Millennium Villages Project–though-a-failure–was-worth-the-risk


How a Russian medical project funded one of Putin’s Palaces (who still builds palaces anymore?)


How Youtube and internet journalism destroyed Tom Cruise (obviously a very timely piece of reporting)


How a bill makes it through the worst(?) congress ever

From the Archives: 5/21/2014 Edition

As NASA seeks their next mission, Russia holds the trump card


The truth about Chicago’s crime rates


Computing is broken


The war to end bad maps

and a map of every country’s highest valued export (I like how Australia’s is just coal)


Four DARPA projects that could be bigger than the internet


Why can’t Spotify and streaming services make money?


Buy/Sell/Hold TV Comedies (weirdly Grantland is becoming indispensable for TV criticism)

and the 10 most iconic episodes of The West Wing

as well as this, which probably didn’t need to exist


How much is winning the NBA draft worth?


Hedge funds won’t make you rich (shocker!)