From the Archives: 5/20/2014 Edition

Inside the governments war on tech support scammers


The rise of the tribute band


The age of quantum computing is almost here


An oral history (yay!) of DC’s 9:30 club


Who is responsible for the problems at the VA?


Buzzfeed founder’s Marxist theory paper perfectly explains…Buzzfeed


Is democracy still flexible enough to survive?


Credit Suisse is going to jail



WONK STUFF: The full New York Times Digital Innovation report (warning .pdf; warning 97 pages)

and who will retweet this? (warning: .pdf)


From the Archives: 5/19/2014 Edition

The worst day of my life is now NYC’s hottest tourist attraction (Buzzfeed seems slightly out of place for this kind of content)


How an anti-government militia grew on a US Army base


The NBA vs. Donald Sterling: Round 1


Beauty does not necessarily equal truth


The roots of Nigeria’s Boko Haram problem


Why we recognize faces and constellations–constellations

and never forgetting a face


Don’t get too excited about asteroid mining (get just excited enough)


Why is AT&T buying DirectTV?

From the Archives: 5/16/2014 Edition

Plots to destroy America


The controversial answer to America’s heroin addiction


Boogie Nights: The Burt Reynolds’ comeback that didn’t stick


What do we save when we save the internet?


Bring back our girls–quietly


The best, worst, and weirdest TV shows of next season


Do we need Asimov’s three laws? (warning: .pdf)


The science of being a wingman

From the Archives: 5/15/2014 Edition

Diary of a titan hunter


On the evolving state of photo-journalism,0


A profile of Alex Trebek


Football risk sinks in, even in Texas


The right way to control the banks?


Why salaries shouldn’t be secret


Hunting for treasure in aircraft boneyards


What it’s like to own a Tesla Part 1

Part 2

From the Archives: 5/14/2014 Edition

California’s water problem


The man who saved decades of NBA history


Journey’s of a psychic army spy 

and Abe Lincoln’s loveliest spy


An interview with Thomas Piketty


The rise of Nintendo: A Story in 8-bits


Twilight of a Hockey Enforcer


A ride in Google’s self-driving car


How one mayor’s efforts to unmask a twitter account ended in tears

From the Archives: 5/13/2014 Edition

An Oral history of the West Wing (someone should start collecting these oral histories somewhere, they are fascinating)


Camden, NJ’s little league team


George Carlin’s guide to life (these are all old, but the man was specifically hilarious and you get 6 pages of them…so that’s fun)


A conversation with Rory Sutherland


Why are Americans so adverse to mobile payments?


Space entrepreneurs prepare for blast off


How I met Edward Snowden (excerpt from Glenn Greenwald’s new book)


Xbox goes back on its word (sound business decision, or more proof that Microsoft is kinda, sorta directionless? You be the judge!)


Policy wonk Stuff like Tim Geithner’s Vox interview (warning: video)

And Jason Furman’s global lessons for inclusive growth (warning: pdf)

From the Archives: 5/12/2014 Edition

Fixing the public school system in New Jersey


How to write


How we’d fix Nintendo


The Cello Courier


The Mystery of Go: The game computers still can’t beat


What the most secure email in the world would look like


Iran needs to get serious about enrichment


Global warming is still a thing