From the Archives: 7/17/2014 Edition

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky recounts At the Movies


Unbundling Innovation


“I was a separatist fighter in Ukraine”


In conversation:

An interview with Martin Rees

and What I’ve learned as an internet drug dealer


Bitcoin banking will be boring


Pitbull wants to be a billionaire (so do I pitbull, so do I)


Tangled, messy cities thrive


Why Rand Paul loves to fight on foreign policy



From the Archives: 7/09/2014 Edition

An Oral History of the early days of LucasFilm


Homestar Runner is coming back!


Matthew McConaughey interviews Richard Linklater


The 10 Algorithms that dominate our world


Football (soccer) is unquantifiable

and Reborn in the USA (medium is cool.)


Money and Entropy


The beer the little guys can’t (or won’t) make


How FX fixed “The Bridge”