From the Archives: 8/29/2014 Edition

Extra Large Double-Stuffed Labor Day Weekend Edition


Understanding Apple’s Mastery of the Media


The internet is awful and everyone knows it

Rebuttal — Journalism isn’t at it’s best, but it’s not at it’s worst either


Why don’t restaurants charge for reservations?



Jerry Football : A Profile of Jerry Jones

and Game Theory in Sports

Catherine Bellis should Sue the shit out of the NCAA (I hate the NCAA)


Confessions of a Fat Bastard


Oh, you know, just some stuff about Switzerland


The Secret German Plan to Invade America before WWI


How Important are Monopolies?


The Twisted Incentives Behind the War on Drugs


The Insidious Rise of Blockbuster Video Games


NATO’s Moment of Truth


The Real Peril for Uber is it’s Business Model


From The Archives: 8/28/2014 Edition

Clarissa Explains It All creator gets deep


The troubled life of Aaron Hernandez


The End of Amateurism is not the end of college sports


The Rise and Fall of Travel Writing


Some thoughts on ending the corporate income tax


Can Mario Draghi save the Euro again?


Does it help to know history?


Inside YouTube’s hit factory

From the Archives: 8/27/2014 Edition

How a Chinese national gained access to Arizona’s terror center


Did Tony die at the end of The Sopranos?


Understanding the comedy of Phil Hartman (Grantland’s SNL @ 40 series has been terrific)


How the Japanese screwed up Pearl Harbor


Dropbox’s plans to stay relevant


Polanyi’s Paradox and the shape of employment growth (warning: pdf)


Pew Research shows Facebook and Twitter limit political debate


In hostage negotiations, is the price ever right?

From the Archives: 8/26/2014 Edition

Last Call: The End of Printed Newspapers


Twitter v. Facebook as a news source


What to Expect When Apple’s Expecting


Endgame for Putin?


38 maps that explain the global economy


The complete guide to burger blends


Grantland on the Emmy’s


This man has nothing to hide, not even his email password

From The Archives: 8/25/2014 Edition

The Aftershocks: Has Italy Criminalized Science?


Apple + IBM, this time it’ll be different


The Matter of Time: What Should a Magazine Company Be?


The Bro Whisperer of Bustle


Who Will Win, Might Win, and Should Win the Emmy’s


Tesla and GM Race to Build the First Mass Market Car


The Verge’s very impressive interactive piece on Virtual Reality


Bill Hader on Saturday Night Live



From the Archives: 8/22/2014 Edition

How Mugabe raised money from Wall Street to Crush his opposition


Frank Miller’s Dark Night

And the Fall and Rise of Frank Miller


Everything you wanted to know about Doctor Who but were afraid to ask


Check out some charts about UK tech use!


Argentina’s Default is…weird


Are streaming services for E-books inevitable?


What Lies Beneath Stonehenge?


America in Decay (may be behind a paywall)


The Moderator Revolt!