From the Archives: 8/29/2014 Edition

Extra Large Double-Stuffed Labor Day Weekend Edition


Understanding Apple’s Mastery of the Media


The internet is awful and everyone knows it

Rebuttal — Journalism isn’t at it’s best, but it’s not at it’s worst either


Why don’t restaurants charge for reservations?



Jerry Football : A Profile of Jerry Jones

and Game Theory in Sports

Catherine Bellis should Sue the shit out of the NCAA (I hate the NCAA)


Confessions of a Fat Bastard


Oh, you know, just some stuff about Switzerland


The Secret German Plan to Invade America before WWI


How Important are Monopolies?


The Twisted Incentives Behind the War on Drugs


The Insidious Rise of Blockbuster Video Games


NATO’s Moment of Truth


The Real Peril for Uber is it’s Business Model

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