From the Archives: 10/30/2014 Edition

A Shooting on Spring Grove Ave: The tale of a death in Dallas

and Missing the Signs: The story behind a murder case that gripped two countries and spurred a devastated Edmonton family to take action


Wonder Woman: The Weird, True Story


ESPN’s PTI is the best news show on television (which directly contradicts the article last week about Inside the NFL being the best, but you NEED to get opposing viewpoints)


Who’s side is Turkey on? (A really solid piece with lots of information, hint: it’s not the Kurds)


You will never ever ever be as good as the professionals (in getting financial news generally, but this is pretty much true in everything)



The Cliff and the Slope: How internet access monopolies punish rivals and innocent bystanders get caught in the crossfire


Notes on the death of the American sitcom (” ruinous broadcast development cycle — listening to hundreds of pitches, ordering dozens of scripts, making numerous pilots, green-lighting a handful of shows, canceling most of them, rinse, repeat — hurts the networks. But the real damage might be done to creators. Too often it forces people to squeeze their best square-peg ideas into the frictionless, round maw of corporate desire”)

BUT WAIT! These three new sitcoms could restore multi-cam’s reputation! Have reports on the death of the American sitcom been greatly exaggerated?! You be the judge.


The new heroin epidemic

and the original study from here


From the Archives: 10/29/2014 Edition

The Crisis in US – Israel Relations is Officially Here (Obama calls Bibi “chickenshit”, Bibi has “written off” the whole administration, just the kind of high minded debate between world leaders that keeps you up at night!)


The Red Cross’ Secret Disaster: ProPublica and NPR Look at the Botched Efforts Behind Hurricanes Sandy and Issac


Found Money: Cattle Auctions, The Great Recession, and the Worry that No One, Anywhere, Knows What They are Doing


Facts and Myths about Bank Leverage Ratios

and The Right Way and Wrong Way to Hate the Fed


The Pirate and his Pupil: Mike Leach and Connor Halliday Start Toppling Some Records (Mike Leach has always been one of my favorite college coaches, besides the whole pirate obsession the man represents all that is truly, wonderfully crazy about football at the collegiate level)


Why Google Wants to Replace Email (The idea being that email is a “dumb pipe” for communications, and dumb pipes are rarely good or profitable businesses to be in)


It’s Time to Make Daylight Savings Time Year Round (this seems like a good cause for some inoffensive group to take up, I’ll sign your petition!)


Reddit Gets a Crowdfunding Platform (I am a fan of this I think)

see also


From the Archives: 10/28/2014 Edition

Heavy on Interviews Today….You Know….If You’re Into That Sort Of Thing….

Dr. Michael Jordan talks about Big Data, Neural Networks, and the Huge Engineering Challenges they Represent


Sarah Koenig talks Serial


Google X is Working to Build the Tricorder for Early Disease Detection


Team of Bumblers: Are Hagel and Rice Up to the Current National Security Challenges?


The Story of America’s Most Prolific Counterfeiter


Soak the Rich: David Graeber and Thomas Piketty Debate the Future of Capitalism


Could a 4-year Old Do What Carl Ichan Does?


The BCS Wasn’t Any Worse then a College Playoff Will Be

From the Archives: 10/27/2014 Edition

The Gentleman Thief: Magicians, Mafiosos, a Missing Painting, and the Heist of a Lifetime


London: All that Glisters…: Changing Demographics in Britain’s Largest City


Deflation in the Eurozone Could be a Problem


Behind the Scenes of the No-Budget Youtube Videos that Changed the Face of Horror


The Spreadsheet Way of Knowledge


How Much Value Can You Unlock by Breaking Up Companies?


How Do You Deal with Wannabe Jihadis? An Upgrade to Business Class


Porche: The Hedge Fund that Also Made Cars

From the Archives: 10/24/2014 Edition

Old Masters At the Top of Their Game: Interviews 80 year Old Legends


Lunch with Russell Brand


Confessions of a Tech Panelist


Jehova’s Witnesses, A Case Study in Viral Marketing


On the Origins of the Essay


The Great Kansas Tea-Party Disaster


Inside the NFL is the Perfect Show for People Who Want to Browse


An Interview with David Cronenberg on the Publication of his First Book

From the Archives: 10/23/2014 Edition

Confessions of a Rogue Fundraiser


The Weed Wolf of Wall Street

and Inside the Quasi-Legal, Science-Free World of Medical Marijuana for Kids!


George Soros: Wake Up, Europe


The Technical Constraints That Made Abbey Road So Good


Cooperation is what Makes Us Human


Rage Against the Machines: The Mechanical Turk, Deep Blue, and the Rise of the Chess Computer


The Google Self-Driving Car May Never Happen


The Laborers Who Keep Beheadings and Dick Pics Off Your Facebook Feed

From the Archives: 10/22/2014 Edition

My Day Interviewing with the Service Economy Start-Up from Hell


Is the Chinese Economy About to Fall Off a Cliff?


The Peaceful Madness of Eric Andre


The Weirdest, Most Off-The-Grid Sports League in America


Will Your Next Best Friend Be a Robot?


Amazon is Doing Everyone a Favor


Anarchy and Education in 1970’s Great Britain


The Man With the Golden Blood