From the Archives: 10/29/2014 Edition

The Crisis in US – Israel Relations is Officially Here (Obama calls Bibi “chickenshit”, Bibi has “written off” the whole administration, just the kind of high minded debate between world leaders that keeps you up at night!)


The Red Cross’ Secret Disaster: ProPublica and NPR Look at the Botched Efforts Behind Hurricanes Sandy and Issac


Found Money: Cattle Auctions, The Great Recession, and the Worry that No One, Anywhere, Knows What They are Doing


Facts and Myths about Bank Leverage Ratios

and The Right Way and Wrong Way to Hate the Fed


The Pirate and his Pupil: Mike Leach and Connor Halliday Start Toppling Some Records (Mike Leach has always been one of my favorite college coaches, besides the whole pirate obsession the man represents all that is truly, wonderfully crazy about football at the collegiate level)


Why Google Wants to Replace Email (The idea being that email is a “dumb pipe” for communications, and dumb pipes are rarely good or profitable businesses to be in)


It’s Time to Make Daylight Savings Time Year Round (this seems like a good cause for some inoffensive group to take up, I’ll sign your petition!)


Reddit Gets a Crowdfunding Platform (I am a fan of this I think)

see also


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