From the Archives: 10/30/2014 Edition

A Shooting on Spring Grove Ave: The tale of a death in Dallas

and Missing the Signs: The story behind a murder case that gripped two countries and spurred a devastated Edmonton family to take action


Wonder Woman: The Weird, True Story


ESPN’s PTI is the best news show on television (which directly contradicts the article last week about Inside the NFL being the best, but you NEED to get opposing viewpoints)


Who’s side is Turkey on? (A really solid piece with lots of information, hint: it’s not the Kurds)


You will never ever ever be as good as the professionals (in getting financial news generally, but this is pretty much true in everything)



The Cliff and the Slope: How internet access monopolies punish rivals and innocent bystanders get caught in the crossfire


Notes on the death of the American sitcom (” ruinous broadcast development cycle — listening to hundreds of pitches, ordering dozens of scripts, making numerous pilots, green-lighting a handful of shows, canceling most of them, rinse, repeat — hurts the networks. But the real damage might be done to creators. Too often it forces people to squeeze their best square-peg ideas into the frictionless, round maw of corporate desire”)

BUT WAIT! These three new sitcoms could restore multi-cam’s reputation! Have reports on the death of the American sitcom been greatly exaggerated?! You be the judge.


The new heroin epidemic

and the original study from here

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