From the Archives: 11/26/2014 Edition

Happy Thanksgiving!


The Art Of Game Design


How the EU Lost Russia Over the Ukraine


A Eulogy For RadioShack


The World In 2050 and Beyond


Adventure Time Forum: Prosperity and Politics in Post-Apocalyptic Ooo


Eminem, The Rapper Who Never Grew Up


The Next Amnesty


The White House’s Limited Options On Ferguson


From The Archives: 11/25/2014 Edition

Chock Full Of Learning Today.


Why Uber Fights (This article looks at a lot of the reasons why it makes sense for Uber to act the way it does)

and Increasing Returns and the Two Worlds of Business (warning: PDF. This is an older paper, but if you haven’t read it before its a really good primer on the subject, and it helps flesh out some of the stuff in the Uber Article)


This is What We Know About A Prairie Home Companion


Why It’s Impossible to Indict a Cop

Don’t Blame the Grand Jury, Blame the Law


The Hidden TV Gem’s of 2014


Orrin Hatch On the Tech Issues the New Congress Will Take Up (yes on patent trolls, no on net neutrality)

and Why Mark Cuban Wants Fast Internet Lanes


Firing Chuck Hagel

And The Fall Guy (Firing Chuck Hagel is not a cure, it’s a symptom of the disease)


The Missile Men Of North Vietnam


God’s Lonely Programmer

From the Archives: 11/24/2014 Edition

Sorry I Missed Friday. 

Elon Musk’s Big Score


Kurdistan: A Nation In Waiting


The Astonishing Rise Of Angela Merkel


An Interview With Vladmir Putin


Is Google Fiber Making the Digital Divide Worse?


DEA Raids and the NFL’s Painkiller Crisis


The Secret Life Of a Crime Scene Cleaner


‘Argo’ In the Congo

From the Archives: 11/20/2014 Edition

300th Post!!!!


The Secret Life Of Passwords


The Long Thanatopsis


The Group That Rules The Web


Can Sea World Save Itself?


Arguments For And Against Obama’s Immigration Plan


Ben Huh Talks About How Rewriting I Can Haz Cheezburger Saved His Life


Remember That Weird Goldman Sachs & Aluminum Thing?


How Formula One Works: A Guide For Confused Americans


Why Sherman Was Right To Burn Atlanta

From the Archives: 11/19/2014 Edition

The Islamic State Expands Into North Africa


An Oral History of The Right Stuff


Blood On The Corn Part III: The Death Of a DEA Agent


Making Dumb Groups Smarter


Differentiation and Value Capture In The Internet Age


A Better Idea For Net Neutrality (This Is Basically Just Local Loop Unbundling)


The Resurrection Of New Girl and The Mindy Project


The Internet Has Solved The Problem of Music According to Steve Albini

From the Archives: 11/18/2014 Edition

Dave Chappelle Is Back (Maybe)


How CGI Changed Reality On-Screen


Blood On The Corn Part II: The Murder Of a DEA Agent


50 Thanksgiving Recipes, One From Every State


Israel’s One State Reality


Has Social Media Come Of Age?


11 Days In Verizon Hell


Spontaneous Order And The Death Of Wikipedia


The Rogue Marketing Of GoldenPalace.Com

From The Archives: 11/17/2014 Edition

The Programmer’s Price


Smile, You’re Speaking Emoji!


Blood On The Corn: The Death Of a DEA Agent


Why Is American Teaching So Bad?


Adventures In Payment Systems


Martyrdom: What’s The Payoff?


Why The Best Supreme Court Predictor Is Some Guy In Queens


Japan Is In A Recession Again!