From The Archives: 11/25/2014 Edition

Chock Full Of Learning Today.


Why Uber Fights (This article looks at a lot of the reasons why it makes sense for Uber to act the way it does)

and Increasing Returns and the Two Worlds of Business (warning: PDF. This is an older paper, but if you haven’t read it before its a really good primer on the subject, and it helps flesh out some of the stuff in the Uber Article)


This is What We Know About A Prairie Home Companion


Why It’s Impossible to Indict a Cop

Don’t Blame the Grand Jury, Blame the Law


The Hidden TV Gem’s of 2014


Orrin Hatch On the Tech Issues the New Congress Will Take Up (yes on patent trolls, no on net neutrality)

and Why Mark Cuban Wants Fast Internet Lanes


Firing Chuck Hagel

And The Fall Guy (Firing Chuck Hagel is not a cure, it’s a symptom of the disease)


The Missile Men Of North Vietnam


God’s Lonely Programmer

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