From the Archives: 12/18/2014 Edition

The Year of Outrage


The Greatest Tax Story Ever Told


The Zen Predator of the Upper East Side


Viewing Russia From Inside


The Evidence for North Korea Being Behind the Sony Attacks Is Thin


Watching “The Interview” With Seth Rogan


Seattle’s Unbelievable Transportation Megaproject Fustercluck 


The Foreign Spell


From the Archives: 12/17/2014 Edition

The Inside Story of the Breakdown Between Uber and Portland


The Everything Book: Reading in the Age of Amazon

and an interview with Jonah Peretti


How Can We Rid the Legal System of Junk Science


Only Fools and Horses: A Portrait of One of the Greatest Racing Gamblers


The Worse the Russia’s Ruble Gets, the More Dangerous Putin Becomes


The Pessimist’s Guide to 2015


Chat is the Only True Intimate Online Experience Left


“I Don’t Know What to do With Good White People”


Inside the Buzz Fueled Media Startups Vying For Your Attention

From the Archives: 12/16/2014 Edition

The Intel Enigma


The State of Consumer Technology at the End of 2014


Hollywood’s Addiction to Franchises


Inside Beijing’s Air-pocalypse


Quora and the Quest to Answer Every Question


Some Stuff About the Ruble (feel free to read as much or as little as you can stomach, there’s not much good news here)


The Road Goes Ever On: A Review of Shadows of Mordor


Don’t Invest In Stupid Shit (Just a chart, that’s all)


The Verge’s Year In Review

From the Archives: 12/15/2014 Edition

How the Death of Mid-Market Cinema Left a Generation of Filmmakers MIA


Achievement Points: You Can’t Take ’em With You


Breaking Up Google is Not the Way for Europe to Grow


Wither Publishing: A Conversation with Ben Thompson and Felix Salmon (almost too much awesomeness)


Larry Lessig’s Long Walk


Meeting Ayn Rand in Vegas


Aaron Sorkin on the Sony Hacks (I still don’t like The Newsroom)


MOOC’s (yea!) What Are They Good For!

From the Archives: 12/11/2014 Edition

The Best TV Shows of 2014 Part 1

and 2


How Digital Music Missed It’s Big Chance (Backchannel is doing some great work if you haven’t check out their other stuff)


How to Fix Britain’s Immigration Crisis


Pirates, Killer Whales and Cheap Jewelry: A life In Science


Xiaomi Loses Big In India (Shocked to find that Xiaomi doesn’t do so hot in countries with strong IP laws)


Analysts Would Do Anything For a Toys ‘R’ Us IPO


We Are All Part of the Social Experiment


Pittsburgh’s Revitalization

From the Archives: 12/10/2014 Edition

An Oral History of Boogie Nights


Worse Than Defeat: Britain and Afghanistan


Let the Sharing Economy Flourish (warning: .pdf)


The Secret History of the Clinton Whitehouse


How Bitcoin Can Revolutionize the Music Industry


The 2014 Hater’s Guide to the William-Sonoma Catalog


NPR’s Favorite Albums of the Year


Appeals Court Not So Keen on Insider Trading

From the Archives: 12/09/2014 Edition

The Chinese Century


The Secret Deal to Save the Planet


Docker and the Integrated Open Sources Company


Community Courts and the Future of the Justice System


How ISIS Rules


The Echo Chamber: How a Small Group of Lawyers Have an Outsized Influence on the Supreme Court


The Revival of the Rust Belt


AdBlock Reveals a Problem With the Advertising Ecosystem


The New Republic: An Appreciation